In Sunday's loss to the Chiefs in Kansas City, Eagles Running Backs only carried the ball 13 times for a total of 52 yards which put a lot of pressure on second year Quarterback Carson Wentz.  As a result, Wentz was Sacked six times and hit a total of 11 times by the Chiefs defense.  So what is going on with the Eagles offense and Doug Pederson's play calling? NFL Insider KC Joyner on The Sports Bash Monday discussed what he saw on the tape from the Eagles offense on Sunday:

“I deem that they choose not to run the football because they had 14 planned Rushing Plays (on Sunday) and on those 14 planned rushing plays they had a 50 percent Good Blocking Rate, meaning they gave their ball carrier good blocking half the time.  44 percent led the league in Good Blocking Rate last year so they’re getting good enough blocking, they’re just deciding not to run the football or at least let’s put it this way, from what I saw on tape of the running plays they did (on Sunday) there’s no reason they shouldn’t have tried to run the ball more….You got a second year Quarterback on the road in a very tough environment in Kansas City and a (Chiefs) team that can Pass Rush well…I wouldn’t try to be leaning on him more than necessary if I have a running game to lean on.  When you got three Running Backs, why not try to lean on the Running Game more.”

Checkout what Joyner had to say about the Eagles offensive line, Doug Pederson vs Andy Reid, and where the NFC East stands after NFL Week 2

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