In Sunday's loss to the Redskins Rookie Quarterback Carson Wentz had his best performance since the Eagles' Week 10 win over the Falcons.  Wentz threw for 314 Yards, finished a 69.57 Completion Percentage and a 86.7 Quarterback Rating.  Despite the Eagles rollercoaster 5-8 season, Wentz has seven games with a QB Rating of at least 86 and nine games with only one or less Interceptions. NFL Insider KC Joyner spoke with Mike Gill on The Sports Bash on Monday about why Wentz is not the reason for the Eagles struggles in 2016:

"As far as Starting Quarterback if I'm the Eagles I'm thinking Quarterback's not the problem; (Carson Wentz) is a rookie, we've not been giving him as good of pass protection of late.  Hey he was driving them to a game winning score when the Tackle, I don't know what (Matt Tobin) was doing on that last play, he completely gave up the corner and Wentz even didn't see the rusher coming even though it was front side because (Tobin) got beat that cleanly.  So that's not on (Wentz) and the fact he doesn't have very good Receivers, that's not on him either....(Wentz) was 7-11 on Vertical Passes, that's a really good number so from what I saw yesterday and what we've seen for the most part of the season is this guys has what you want, he has the base to be the type of Quarterback you want him to be."

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