At the NFL Owner's Meetings this week former Eagles and current 49ers Head Coach Chip Kelly met with the media Wednesday Morning. He came face to face with the Philadelphia media whose members outnumbered the San Francisco media that day.

Jimmy Kempski says there was one major takeaway from the hour long session with the Eagles former Head Coach:

"Really the one big takeaway was just the complete front office dysfunction that the Eagles had last season. Chip said he didn't talk to Howie at all, he said that Ed Marynowitz kinda served as a buffer between the two. He kinda denied it was for personal reasons, said that's just how it was structured. I dont know how much Chip was being completely truthful about everything he said...Chip also denied demanding that he have full control over the 90 man roster; whereas Jeffrey Lurie has in the past said that he did."

Kempski went on to explain

"Certainly the dysfunction that they had in the front office last season where you have the guy who has control over the 90 man roster and the guy who is negotiating the contracts (as Chip pointed out also on Wednesday) when you have those two guys and they're not communicating directly at all, I mean, you're destined for failure. We kinda saw what happened last offseason where they overpaid a lot of guys and made a lot of dumb moves."

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