While Villanova is not on the same level of College Basketball as Power House Schools like North Carolina, Duke, Kansas and other large enrollment Universities, winning their second National Title in the last 31 years is an accomplishment.

Philadelphia Daily News' Columnist Mike Kern says we shouldn't be surprised Villanova won because there is precedent in school history of winning:

"They're not a Football school and in this day and age the Basketball world is dominated by Football schools. You get the Butlers and VCUs once in a while and a Xavier might, there are schools that have good programs. But Villanova was the first Catholic school to go to a Final Four since Villanova in 2009, the last Catholic school to win a Championship was '85 Villanova. So the days of like Saint John's doing that we haven't seen that in a long time."

Villanova Wildcats Championship Rally
Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

"But, I mean, Villanova winning a championship is a surprise? No, it was only a surprise cause they haven't made it past the Second Round in a while. But they were Number One at one point this year as was three of the teams they beat on their way to get to the Championship....They've won 97 of their last 110 games it was just a matter of could they get over a hump? And then they go and complete it."

Checkout what Kern had to say about the future for Villanova's program and players along with his reflections on the Championship game

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