Many NFL fans would say that Adrian Peterson is the NFL's best running back, but the EaglesLeSean McCoy said Monday on ESPN's "First Take" he believes he is the best running back in the game today.

McCoy was asked whether he believed he was the league's top back. He replied, "Yes, sir" and then expanded on why he feels that way.

"My brother always rips me all the time, trying to make me play harder. I say, 'I'm the best,' and he'll say, 'Did Adrian Peterson retire?' I look at the last three years and everything. I think AP has been the best back for so long, and he's been doing it for so long, that's why he automatically gets the best running back [title]," McCoy said.

"But the last three years? I've been All-Pro, first-team, twice. I never leave the field. I block. I catch. I never leave the field. I don't have anybody do my job; I do it myself. Tons of credit goes out to Adrian Peterson. I'm a big fan of his, for sure. But I feel I'm the best."

McCoy led the NFL in rushing last season with a career-best 1,607 yards, back in 2011, he led the league in rushing touchdowns with 17.

So who are the top five running backs in the game today?  Here are mine:

1. LeSean McCoy - He officially claimed the 2013 rushing title at 1,607 yards and led the NFL in 2013 with 2,146 all-purpose yards and scored 11 touchdowns.  He also had 52 catches for 539 yards, making him the games most versatile back both running and catching the football.

2. Adrian Peterson - Peterson is a more powerful, explosive runner then McCoy, but doesn't have the complete game McCoy has.  Peterson has just 69 catches and 388 yards combined the last two seasons and is rarely used in pass protection.  His 1266 yards were the sixth time he went over 1200 yards in his career.

3. Jamaal Charles - Charles is such an explosive player, if not for his health issues, he might be ranked higher than Peterson.  He averaged 5.0 yards per carry while racking up 1,980 yards from scrimmage last season and scored 19 total touchdowns. Charles has been over 1100 yards four times in six years.  This last year he added 70 grabs for 693 yards and seven touchdowns.

4. Matt Forte - Forte is another running back who can do-it-all.  He is great at catching the ball out-of-the-backfield or running between the tackles.  In 2013, his 1,339 rushing yards (second best in the NFL), 594 receiving yards, 1,933 yards from scrimmage and 74 catches were new career highs. His 10 total touchdowns were his most since 2008.

5. Marshawn Lynch - Lynch ended the 2013 regular season rushing 301 times for 1,257 yards and 12 touchdowns, in addition to setting a setting a career high with 316 receiving yards on 36 catches.  It's the third year in a row that Lynch has gone over 1200 yards, becoming one of the top power backs in the NFL, and with his 36 catches this season, he is adding a second dimension to his game.



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