Should Phillies fans be worried about John Mayberry Jr.?


Mayberry went 0-for-3 on Friday, leaving him with a .206 average through 34 at-bats this spring, he has really struggled to separate himself and establish himself as the guy in left field or at first base while Ryan Howard is out.

While he might be the best defensive player at both positions, his bat has no supplied the power or consistency that the Phillies need from him with Howard out until possibly June.

At this point, Mayberry has yet to homer and he's been caught on both of his steal attempts, yet fans seem to think Mayberry is a so-in to be a starter in some capacity this season.

To me, I like Mayberry in a fourth outfielder type of role. He seems to be a guy who as teams see more of him, that they figure out his weaknesses. I liken him to Rickey Ledee when he played for the Phillies - a very good player off the bench, but just not a everyday player.

Maybe Mayberry will prove me wrong, so far, I don't see it from him.

Left field has a lot of competition with Dom Brown, Lance Nix, Juan Pierre and Scott Podsednik all battling for time. The indication I am getting down here in Clearwater is that Mayberry is the guy, but that he will play a lot of first base with Howard out.