Juan Pierre

It’s Official: Darin Ruf Gets The Call
With Sunday night's news that the Phillies will select from Double-A Reading the contract of Darin Ruf, who plays to the soft spot of this particular baseball man like no other, Charlie Manuel had to be beyond giddy. But, considering the position he was in, facing the media for the first time since the decision and after the Phillies 7-4 win over the Rockies in the second half of a day/nigh
Phillies Roster Finally Has Options
In spring training, the Phillies lack of depth was laughable. Really. Legitimate punch line. But if you look around, this club seems an awful lot like one with options. Behind the plate, they've got Carlos Ruiz and Erik Kratz, maybe Brian Schneider...
The Phillies at the Trade Deadline (Updated)
With the Phillies season pretty much over, the trade deadline might just be the most exciting thing left for baseball fans in the Delaware Valley.  Here are the latest rumors to keep an eye on as the Tuesday, 4pm deadline approaches: We also talked to two MLB Insiders about the deadline, ESPN's Buster Olney and for MLB GM, Jim Bowden Buster Olney: Jim Bowden:
What Will the Phillies 25-Man Roster Look Like?
With Juan Pierre on the team, what does that mean for Scott Podsednik, how many pitchers will the Phillies keep to start the year and how much of Jim Thome will we see this year. The Sports Bash caught up with Phillies assistant GM Benny Looper to get his thoughts on the Phillies 25-man roster...

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