The Eagles will need to eventually replace 37-year-old LT Jason Peters, most likely as soon as next season.

Enter Andre Dillard.

The No. 22 overall pick made 42 starts at left tackle at Washington State, earning first-team All-Pac 12 honors as a senior.

What separates Dillard from the competition, is his ability to pass black, he ranked as the top pass blocking tackle in college football per Pro Football Focus.

"Yeah, so coming from that [Washington State head coach] Mike Leach offense at Wazoo, we definitely passed the ball a lot, so I kind of got a leg up on the pass protection aspect of the game," Dillard told reporters.

Dillard explained that while he excelled and is thought of as a excellent pass blocker, he expects to be a solid run blocker as well at the NFL level.

"I kind of got my first glimpse at being in a three-point stance and it felt pretty natural for me to do that and put the hand in the dirt and just drive somebody off the ball so if that was a lot of fun I can only imagine what the next chapter in my life is going to be like and I'm just really excited to get to work and improve in every way that I can," Dillard explained.

While there will certainly be an adjustment period for Dillard as he transitions from a college pass-first offense, to a more balanced NFL offense. As explained, he will have the opportunity to learn from one of the best tackle in the NFL, Jason Peters, which should help his transition.

"It’s just a huge honor to be on the same team as a great veteran player like that," Dillard said. "I’m looking forward to competing with him, getting better with him and learning a lot from him and everybody else there."

Today on the Sports Bash, Eagles insider John McMullen, from, joins the show to give his insights on what the Eagles offensive line might look like this season with Dillard around and other scenarios that could come up up front.

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