One of the voices you wake with every morning on 97.3 ESPN, Mike Golic Sr., is one of the hosts of the Golic and Wingo Show.

He joined The Sports Bash live on radio row and discussed a variety of topics, including Andy Reid.

Golic, who played for Buddy Ryan during his time with the Eagles, was asked why Eagles fans appreciate Buddy more than they appreciate Andy Reid.

Is it simply personality over performance?

"It blows my mind," Golic said on The Sports Bash.

"We didn't win, we didn't win in the playoffs, we didn't go anywhere."

"Andy Reid, all he did was get to NFC Championship games, and one Super Bowl.  I don't think he gets nearly, nearly the respect he deserves. We know the Phily fans, they love you when they win, and when you don't win they're going to let you know...and that's cool."

"If Andy didn't win enough, than Buddy Ryan didn't win nearly enough, but he is beloved and has that Philly personality."

Listen to the Full interview:


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