Eagles head coach Andy Reid contacted Michael Vick after reports surfaced that the Eagles kicked the tires on Peyton Manning last month.

Vick's response:  "I really don't care ... I told him, 'Coach, it don't matter. I don't care. I'm one of the best in the league.'"

Earlier Reid had downplayed a report that the Eagles looked into signing Peyton Manning earlier this month, saying "Michael is our guy."

Reid also had to come out about reports that the Eagles had interest in Robert Griffith III.  Coach Andy Reid strongly suggested the Eagles were not in the mix to pursue Peyton Manning or trade up in the draft for Baylor's Robert Griffin III.

"We're obviously happy with Michael (Vick)," said Reid.

Vick will turn 32 in June, Trent Edwards was signed in free agency and Mike Kafka is a third-string kind of talent. The Eagles have two second-round picks this season, courtesy of the Kevin Kolb trade where the Eagles could take guys like Arizona's Nick Foles, Oklahoma State's Brandon Weeden, San Diego State's Ryan Lindley and Michigan State's Kirk Cousins.

But the question is if the Eagles were looking at Manning, talking about RGIII and if they take a QB in the early portion of the draft, do they look at Vick as one of the best in the league right now?