One of my favorite things to do as a sports-talk radio host is talk sports with the listeners on the radio everyday.

However, another platform that I enjoy interacting and discussing sports with is right here on the website.  So I want to start a new segment on the show called Mike's Mailbag.

We will do it once per week to start (We'll start this off on Friday's show at 4:25 and see how it goes) and if it gains more traction, we can expand it.

So fire your questions and check back, I will answer your Phillies, Sixers, Eagles, Flyers questions.  Local high school sports, food, drinks, TV, movies or anything else that you wanna ask about.

Here is the first edition:

Q: How is the Phils CF situation shaking out? Are they going to stand pat or go after a guy like Jackie Bradley Jr?

- Doug via Faceboook

Hey Doug this is a good question.  Right now it appears to be a four player battle with Scott Kingery, Adam Haseley, Roman Quinn and Odubel Herrera all in the mix.

So a see this going a variety of ways.

Hard to imagine all four sharing time out there, so one of them could be dealt.  Secondly, Kingery will likely be used in a super utility role, leaving Haseley and Quinn to platoon again out there.

The wild card is Herrera.  If he preforms well in Spring Training don't be surprised if he eventually becomes the everyday guy out there and allows Dombrowski to move one of the others in a trade for more pitching.

Q: In Howie Roseman's tenure, where does he rank in his draft in that time?

- Joe via Facebook

Joe as you're probably aware, this is a controversial question among Eagles fans. There is a lot of grey area here, and while Roseman is the GM, a lot of his tenure has been filled with did he make the pick, did someone else make the pick, who gets credit, who gets the blame.

One this is, the Eagles organization has not drafted well, especially over the past few years with some high-profile misses.  J.J. Arcega-Whiteside hasn't contributed at all over this two season, while many wide receivers from that same draft class have made an impact to their teams, most note-able one the Eagles (and everyone else) passed on, D.K. Metcalf. Last year the team selected Jalen Reagor, and while its not fair to give up on him, Justin Jefferson was still on the board and had a tremendous season in Minnesota.

I think the short answer here, Roseman is the GM, the team hasn't drafted well, they have had some hits in his tenure, guys like Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, Dallas Goedert, Miles Sanders, Derek Barnett, Jordan Mailata, Isaac Seumalo to name some of the players Roseman has drafted that have contributed.

The problem has been the misses.

So to answer the questions, I think the Eagles organization has been one of the poorer drafting teams.  They have done a good job in free agency and trades.

They have the sixth best record in the NFL over a 20 year span, they've won a Super Bowl and have been one of the most consistent teams.

Could they have drafted better?  Sure.  Are they the worst?  Not really.

However they must nail this No. 6 pick.

Q: How the hell in the year 2021 with all the advances in technology can there be any pro sports game (preseason included) not have coverage via video or radio? Especially when only 2100 can attend a game #PhilliesSuck

- Doug via Facebook

While I am not 100% sure of the rules on this, I do know the NBA Sports Philadelphia has a lot of pair programming, that they likely are committed to airing, at least until the season starts.  The Phillies spring schedule was changed recently and maybe with that this block programming could not be moved.

There are also MLB restrictions on streaming.  Pretty sure they can't just stream a game on YouTube or Facebook or Twitter.  MLB rules probably don't allow that.

As for radio, it could be a situation where the broadcasters didn't travel, and there is no video of the game, so they can't call it from a remote studio.

I know its not what you want to hear on this one, but likely a MLB rules issue here.

Q: Is trading back (3 or 4 draft slots) in the upcoming 2021 NFL Draft the best option for the Philadelphia Eagles to gain additional draft capital, especially knowing the team is in a rebuilding mode?

- Al via Facebook 

Al, I love the idea of moving back in the draft and getting maybe more picks.  Most people would like the Eagles to take a wide receiver at No. 6 or even maybe a quarterback. I would rather see them move back and maybe take a guy like Micah Parsons, Caleb Farley or Patrick Surtain II while adding a few picks. Another name that would be compelling is Florida's Kyle Pitts, who can go anywhere from No. 3 to maybe No. 10.

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