Video game maker Playstation has been teasing a February 5 game trailer for the 2019 MLB The Show video game for some time.  The offseason marketing of the game has included the question, "What jersey will Bryce Harper wear on the cover?"  Despite the trailer release, Harper's destination is unknown.

As Phillies fans tuned in hoping for an announcement, they also noticed a very embarrassing error.

Phillies outfielder Andrew McCutchen signed with the club during the Winter Meetings.  McCutchen's introduction included him donning a fresh new number 22 jersey.  In the trailer, McCutchen is prominently featured.  But he is not wearing number 22.

Instead, McCutchen steps to the plate wearing number 26.  That number of course, is currently not in circulation in the Phillies clubhouse, pending the future of Chase Utley.  Whether the Phillies retire the number remains to be seen, but the club probably does not want to issue the number again before his retirement ceremony this summer.

Phillies players Maikel Franco and Nick Williams are also featured in the trailer.


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