-- Every Thursday for two years, Andy Reid would drive an hour -- sometimes longer -- to visit one of his sons in prison.

-- When it's OK to run "off-the-record" quotes.

-- Lehigh University chief of police says there's "no indication of suicide or foul play" and that "attempts made to revive (Andy Reid's 29-year-old son, Garrett) were unsuccessful."

-- Cause of death TBD, after an autopsy and toxicology results come back, in about 30 days.

-- The county judge who sentenced Garrett Reid in 2007 offered hope, but called Garrett's prognosis "guarded."

-- Westboro Baptist Church pops off about Garrett Reid death, with trademark tastelessness and classlessness.

-- Not nearly as bad. But last night might've been Kevin Kolb's worst ever.

-- Graham Spanier and Tim Curley are still on Penn State's payroll.

-- Danny Knobler (CBS Sports) makes the case for letting Cliff Lee's waiver claim expire.

VIDEO: Howie Roseman and Lehigh chief of police Edward Schupp, from Sunday.

VIDEO: Eagles players show support.

VIDEO: As does Jeffrey Lurie.