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Here is today’s show: Monday October 15th, 2012

Mike and Todd React to Eagles loss

Mike and Todd open up a Monday show dissecting another Eagles loss where they gave up the lead and the opponent hit a game-winning field goal. According to Gill, Danny Watkins "cant play and should have never been a first-round pick." Also, for the first time Gill can finally say that Andy Reid's job is in jeopardy:

Barrett Brooks

Barrett Brooks calls in every Monday at 2:30 to recap the Eagles game. Today Brooks said that perhaps the Eagles just arent that good of a team. He wants to Eagles to run the ball more late in the game, while also agreeing with Mike in that Danny Watkins can't play.

NFL Rewind

Mike and Todd rewind for the week that was in the NFL.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY the moment that hurts more: Samuel INT TD or Ibanez TD?

2. BUY or SELL 7 more wins for Eagles?

Fire Someone!

In this segment, Todd Ranck believes someone from the Eagles staff (Juan Castillo) should be fired for the meltdown that occurred in yesterday's game. With the amount of rushing yards the Lions put up on your defense, the team and players may need a new voice.

Top Tweets

Monday's edition of Top Tweets!

Jeff McLane Monday

Monday's at 5:30 Jeff McLane calls in with his take on the Eagles game on Sunday. Today he did a great job in grilling Andy Reid during his press conference about Juan Castillo retaining his play calling duties through the bye week. McLane thinks that Reid will certainly evaluate things, the Eagles were 2-4 last season heading to the bye, Reid did not make any major changes.  Read more of Jeff McLane.

5 Questions

1. Top 3 people to blame for Eagles loss?

2. Gut feeling on rest of this season and off season?

3. Top 3 teams in the NFC?

4. Broncos vs. Chargers?

5. How much $ would you have to be paid to jump for outer space?

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