Sam Bradford hasn't missed a single rep of training camp so far and his teammates are taking notice. Bradford has shown no signs of the ACL injury that sidelined him for part of the 2013 season and the entire 2014 season.

With that, he should be good to go and Eagles fans should get their first real chance to see him perform on Sunday at 1pm (Listen on 97.3 ESPN) in the preseason opener against the Colts.

"I can't imagine them holding him out," Eagles insider Geoff Mosher said on the Sports Bash.  "He had a really great week of practice."

He looks to be healthy and ready to go, so any concerns about his knee and how he may have looked in the mini camps and OTA's seem to be gone.  Secondly, he seems like he has a good grasp of the offense already and confidence in his receivers, where they will be and the final step would be to but his health and confidence out there against another team, while not wearing the red jersey.

Put all of these things together and you have a guy who appears to looks noticeably better than the guy he is replacing, Nick Foles.

"What we don't see much of is a guy who has great accuracy and a really great arm," Mosher explained when describing Bradford. "Sam Bradford has both right now going really well for him."

Mosher cited a red zone drill the Eagles performed the other day where Bradford's arm strength and accuracy really was put on display.

With Jordan Matthews in the slot, running a corner route to the back left of the end zone, the way Foles would have approached it, as Mosher explained, was to float a fade pattern into the back corner and let Matthews go up and get it.

"All the sudden Bradford looks at Matthews and just fires a laser," Mosher described.  "It just stuck right in Jordan Matthews hands.  Thats what I mean, he's not only accurate but he has a really strong arm.  He doesn't always have to throw that fade in the end zone, he can just gun it in there."

This kind of stuff is good to hear, good to know he looks and feels a lot more confident then the hobbled quarterback who came over this offseason.  He looks and commands respect and his teammates have taken notice.

"He is really starting to take command of the huddle, you're seeing more of a confident guy more of that swagger, he is starting to exhibit what you look for in that leader.  They always believed in his arm, but I think they need to believe in him in the huddle, and they are seeing that now."

So Eagles fans are your concerns over Bradford's twice surgically-repaired left knee fading yet?

(Listen to Geoff Mosher discuss Sam Bradford and more Eagles news and notes)