While reviewS from fans have been mixed on last Friday trade by the Eagles moving the No. 6 pick in exchange for the No. 12 pick, a fourth round pick this year and a addition first-round pick in 2022, rival executives believe the Eagles made the right decision.

Mike Sando of The Athletic, spoke with multiple executives and evaluators around the NFL for thoughts on the Eagles offseason.

“Philly is just like Miami, a team that is doing everything right in terms of maneuvering and multiplying assets,” an exec said.

While the Eagles may have made the right decision, they still need to hit on the mountain of picks they now have at their disposal, something many fans are't very confident about.

“But they still gotta draft players. Look at Miami’s three first-rounders. Jury’s out on Tua. The nickel corner (Noah Igbinoghene) hasn’t done much. Has the tackle (Austin Jackson) played well?”

The executive notes that Miami had multiple first-round picks, but really none of them have made an impact at this point.

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One possibility is using their draft equity to add pieces around Jalen Hurts if he plays well, or potentially make a bigger move, like trading for Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson if they are satisfied with Hurts 2021 season.

“All they’re doing is stockpiling picks for next year, so they can get weapons for Jalen Hurts or acquire one of the top two overall picks to draft a quarterback,” an exec said. “And I would put Philly in the driver’s seat for Russell Wilson next year if Seattle moves him. That would have Howie Roseman written all over it.”

As Sando notes, Roseman has never been bashful about pulling the trigger on deals involving quarterbacks, like sending Sam Bradford to Minnesota, or maneuvering his way up in the draft to select Carson Wentz at No. 2 overall in 2016.

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