This idea seems to pop up around this time every year -- the concept of moving the Super Bowl to a Saturday or giving everyone off the day after it as if it's a federal holiday or something.



It's a football game.

Suck it up and go to work.

Yes, I know it's the Eagles. But still, c'mon.

First of all, according to the folks who measure TV audiences, typically around 100 million people will watch a Super Bowl game. While that appears to be a lot -- and, granted, getting a hundred million people to all do the same thing is pretty impressive -- that also means that two-thirds of the American population do not watch a Super Bowl.

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They were busy either watching the Puppy Bowl, some other knock-off-bowl, or any number of movie marathons on other networks -- or, get this -- they didn't watch TV at all.

A man relaxing on a couch with sweets and beer

Did those non-Super-Bowl-watching people shove too many nachos into the cavernous abyss that is their stomach while dreaming of not having to schlep into work 12 hours later?


Now, let me be clear. I'm all for trying to figure out how to take a day off and I'm also one of those types of people that enjoys a king-sized helping of whatever happens to be within a 20-foot radius of me, but it's not like we're all running marathons here.

Chicken Wings with BBQ Sauce

We're sitting on a couch and eating and we want the next day off because we sat on the couch too long. Plain and simple.

And, chances are, if the day after the Super Bowl was a national holiday, we would all be sitting on the couch -- again -- eating reheated piles of whatever.

Stop it.

Go to work.

And, get this: even if you sit at a desk for eight hours a day, you'll still burn about 800 calories, according to

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