Norvel Pelle has one of the longest and most circuitous routes to the NBA that you will ever see. Pelle spent his early childhood in the Caribbean before moving to the U.S.A. when he was seven. His parents were both hard-working people who raised a fun-loving and gifted young man. Norvel was the #1 Center in his High School recruiting class and listed as a 4-star prospect by ESPN. Pelle had brief stops at St. Johns University and Iona before turning pro in 2013. His long road has given him a unique perspective on the USA as it deals with the social and health challenges of 2020.

Playing overseas I was able to embrace other cultures.. The pride they have for standing up for what they believe in and seeing a bunch of people coming together from different backgrounds to stand up for a cause has been needed to stood up for, for a long time. This is heartwarming and very, very touching to see across the world taking taking part in this was good. - Norvel Pelle July 8, 2020

After going undrafted in the NBA draft, the 6'10" Center with extreme bounce and timing for blocked shots was drafted by the Delaware 87ers in the NBA D-League. From there his professional career has taken him to Taiwan, Lebanon, Italy, and ultimately back to the Delaware Blue Coats before signing a two-way contract with the Philadelphia 76ers last July.

His uncanny ability to block shots combined with his truly huge catch radius on pick and roll lobs earned him a full NBA contract in February. As the Sixers enter the Orlando bubble to resume the NBA season for 8 games prior to the playoffs, Pelle pointed to his time in Taiwan for a comparison.

When I was playing in Taiwan I really just went to the gym and went back to my room.. because no one over there really spoke English so going into a situation kind of like that so I'll be able to adjust real easy just the... restrictions of not being able to do what you want to do - Pelle on the NBA Bubble in Orlando

Supplemental to Pelle's talent on the floor, perhaps an intangible he can bring will be supplying positivity and energy from the bench.

Just having high energy like on and off the court and being able to bring it onto the bench knowing that it's not gonna be nobody in there but us. Like...almost a practice environment but high [intensity] practice environment so be that number one cheerleader for everybody you know, I'm just try to make bring smiles and bring energy. - Pelle on his energy off the bench.

There's some thought that there could be some disjointed playing with the long layoff. It could be preseason energy. This kind of situation presents an opportunity for someone like Pelle to showcase what he could do, especially if teams start struggling from three and start attacking the paint more.

You know just gonna do what I do best. Protect the rim and rebounding, run the floor. I'm gonna play my part. It is gonna be it's gonna be a little sloppy. People have not been playing alot especially competition five on five. But it's basketball at the end of the day, you can get your rhythm back within like two or three games and then for the training camp, you're going to be we're going to be fairly good. It'll be it'll be good but I'll be able to showcase what I have to do. - Norvel Pelle July 8, 2020



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