This Thursday evening on July 20th Matthew Fumo, a recent Ocean City graduate and stand-out Baseball Player on his way to play in College, was swimming with friends in Ocean City when tragedy struck.

Credit: Ryan Huck via

Matt suffered a broken neck, and was rushed for immediate surgery at Atlantic City Medical Center where he is now recovering in the ICU.  Matt is facing a number of outcomes ranging from full paralysis to full recovery.  Only time can tell and determination can aid.

But, we do have a GOOD update: To the Doctor's astoundment, within 24 hours, this tough-guy is moving his arms, and can feel his legs!

Credit: Ryan Huck via

Friends and family of Matt are asking for your help so he can get the best doctors and most advanced treatments in order to meet his goal-- which is nothing short of throwing some heat again in College.

In just 1 day, the community has been able to raise over $35,000 in support of Matt and the family. You can continue to help Matt and his recovery by donating to the Go-Fund-Me Page, or simply share this story to help spread the word!