A Toms River pizzeria owner came in dead-last in his fantasy football league.  That sucks.  What sucks worst is what he had to do for losing...

He had to stand on Rt. 9 in nothing other than a pink bikini bottom and sneakers.

At least he finished his end of the bet with pride :)

According to the New York Post,

And then there’s the cringe-worthy case of Angelo Boemio, whose near-naked display on Labor Day is making the rounds on Facebook. For 10 very long minutes, the 42-year-old pizzeria owner turned the shoulder of Route 9 in Toms River, NJ, into his own personal fashion runway and modeled size XXXL women’s bikini bottoms from Kmart to the delight and horror of pedestrians and drivers.

The fantasy football team decided that the punishment was necessary because teams often lose interest in the game once the playoffs roll around.  If your team is slacking - what's your motivation as a coach to keep playing your best?

Having to stand on the side of Rt. 9 wearing a bikini.

That's motivation.

Source: New York Post