Jeff Pasquino

Our fantasy football insider Jeff Pasquino joins us for one final time this season to go over his starts and sits for Championship weekend in the NFL.

KC Joyner

The Football Scientist talks with Mike Gill and Matt Segal about the Eagles Week 16 against the Redskins. How would the Eagles offense look with a more mobile quarterback such as Marcus Mariota? Also, on the Cowboys big matchup against the Colts. The Lions are in action against the Bears, as well. As we know, the Eagles now need help in order to get into the playoffs. Can the Colts or Bears provide that help? Joyner answers those questions and more in this week's interview.

John Keim

An Outside View with John Keim of ESPN NFL Nation covering the Redskins. We haven't heard from this team since Week 3 of the regular season when the Eagles won a close37-34 game at the Linc. That game featured Nick Foles getting beat up during the game, as well as a nice brawl featuring Jason Peters. How's DJAX been doing down there? Will Jay Gruden and RG III both return next season? Keim answers below:

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John McMullen

The Sports Network goes over all the big story lines in the NFL including Johnny Manziel and his first NFL start, plus where might Jim Harbaugh end up after the season? He's certainly all but assured to not return to San Fransisco, could he end up in Ann Arbor?

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