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Here is today’s show: Friday April 18th 2014

Dave Isaac

Our Flyers insider called in LIVE from MSG to recap the Flyers Rangers Game 1 last night. Isaac said that the Flyers just couldn't get anything going offensively and a lot of the game play was what we've seen before from MSG. The double minor high stick penalty was just a 'bad luck' type play, according to Isaac. Flyers vs. Rangers Game 2 is Sunday afternoon at noon.

Former Flyers captain and current CSN hockey analyst called in to recap Game 1. Tocc had some strong comments during the post game last night about the Flyers effort. Today though Tocc said there were a lot of 'no shows' in the game and it wasnt just the double minor. But it's only Game 1 and theres nothing to panic, just tweak a few things. Tocc also said that playing between the whistles and getting the 50/50 battles is the most important thing. Trying to get under their skin after whistles is not going to work. Follow Tocchet on Twitter.

Sam Rosen

NFL on FOX voice during the football season, but also calls Rangers games for MSG during the hockey season. he called the game last night for the Rangers and Rosen said that the Rangers were able to play their game last night taking out Giroux, Simmonds and Hartnell. He talked about Brad Richards and his experience in the Stanley Cup playoffs and spoke to his pride battling back from last season being a healthy scratch against the Bruins in the playoffs to now scoring a goal last night. with a lot of confidence.

Scott Burnside

ESPN.com with a final look back at Flyers and Rangers Game 1 and previewing Game 2 on Sunday. Burnside said there wasnt enough pressure on the Rangers goaltender and that has to change. Giroux, Hartnell and Simmonds have to give more if the Flyers expect to win this series. Burnside did pick the Flyers to win this series, but they'll have to test Lundqvist. Burnside is covering the Penguins and Blue Jackets series, it's Pens up 1-0 with Game 2 tomorrow night.

1. You dig the emotion from Josh Harris?

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3. Is the Zen Master going to coach?

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5. Any unfortunate experience with animal like Pablo Larrazabal?