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Here is today’s show: Thursday May 22nd, 2014

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Tom Moore

Covering the Sixers for Calkins Media, Tom Moore called in to talk about the Sixers lottery night this week and where they can go from here with picks 3 and 10. Moore said that he doesn't really envision a player like Jabari Parker fitting here and wouldn't be surprised to see the Sixers trade down and gain even more assets. Julius Randle is a player that they like and he could be had later in the top-10. Moore also doesn't believe that Doug McDermott would fit, either. Follow Moore on Twitter.

Sam Hinkie

In this clip you will hear an interview with Sam Hinkie on with SVP on ESPN Radio. Hinkie was asked about 'tanking' and Hinkie defended his actions. "How do we build something real and something to contend in May and June?" Hinkie also talks about the fans patience this season and how long they can put up with a losing team. Also, what his plans are for the upcoming draft where he has many assets to play with.

Howie Roseman

Philadelphia Eagles GM Howie Roseman on this segment for an interview on last weeks NFL draft. Roseman talked about the selection of Marcus Smith in the first round and how important it was that the Eagles landed him. Roseman compared him a little to Lane Johnson in that both players were recruited as quarterbacks out of high school. Also on the wide receivers, Roseman is excited for both Jordan Matthews and Josh Huff this season. Roseman also talks about the surplus of Oregon players now walking around the Eagles complex. On the DJAX situation as well.

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Kevin Pelton

ESPN.com NBA insider on here for his take on the Sixers. Pelton goes over the list of top prospects the Sixers could be looking at for the third selection. Can Joel Embiid be the next Tim Duncan or Hakeem? Can Andrew Wiggins be the next (comparable) LeBron James? Pelton answers these questions and more right here:

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