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Here is today’s show: Tuesday May 6th, 2014

QBs in the Draft

Mike and Todd breakdown this year's QB class that expects to be drafted in the first round on Thursday night. Bortles, Manziel and Bridgewater all look to go in the top 32 picks and Mike and Todd give you their favorites. Mike Gill does not really have a favorite in this class, but he would select Manziel if forced to. Todd Ranck would go with a guy he's liked since last year: Teddy Bridgewater. Who do you like? 97.3 ESPN FM is your home for the NFL Draft all this week and this weekend.

Tom McGinnis

Sixers Radio Network broadcaster Tom McGinnis on here to talk about MCW and the year he finished with. T-Mac helped present MCW with the Rookie of the Year award yesterday and got a front row seat watching MCW all 82 games this season. The numbers are astounding said McGinnis, MCW led all rookies in points, rebounds and assists. "MCW really surprised me and i think he's going to get more confidence going forward and he'll become a better shooter," McGinnis said.


Derek Carr

Fresno State QB Derek Carr called in for a look at the NFL Draft process and how overwhelming it is. Derek is the younger brother of former Texans QB David Carr who was once selected first overall. Carr said that as long as he "is himself," thats all that matters. Carr said that he has 'leaned on' his older brother from the combine all the way to the pro day. Carr champions his work ethic and reputation as attributes why he may be the better selection rather than some of the higher profile QBs.

Top Tweets

It's a Tuesday edition of top tweets!

5 Questions

1. Most frustrating Eagles draft pick?

2. Best value pick Eagles ever made?

3. What if Giants ball had a Cowboys logo on it?

4. Favorite Philly based actor/entertainer?

5. Favorite non diet food?