Today's show had a set agenda... but then news of epic proportions came in! LeBron James, four seasons removed in South Beach, will be returning to the team who orginially drafted him. He released a very poetic letter to Lee Jenkins of Sports Illustrated.

Mike Gill, Scott Uhing and Rob Povia (filling in for PG) shifted attention to the big news, giving our opinion only as the Sports Bash can:

Getting back to the original docket, Mike Gill had NBA Insider Kevin Pelton on the show to talk Sixers basketball and some other league news like King James' return:

Nerlens Noel Assessment 

Summer League

Can K.J. McDaniels make NBA roster?

Now that LeBron has decided to head back to Cleveland, what are the effects on the Eastern Conference? Are the Cavs now the favorite?

Other Player Ramifications

Pelton's reaction to James' decision

Also on the show today, we were pleased to have the aforementioned K.J. McDaniels

Difference in Speed Between College and Summer League

Draft Expectations

Exciting Situation in Philly

Impressions of Noel

Defensive Pride

NBA Legacy

Off-Season Focus to Make Roster

Playing with Noel (and eventually Embiid) as a Perimeter Defender

Competitive Training Camp

Interview Wrap Up

It was a jammed pack show today, loyal fans... ENJOY!

 Rob Povia created this report.