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Here is today’s show: Friday June 6th, 2014

Injury Report

Matt Stairs

Phillies broadcaster Matt Stairs in this segment talking about what is happening with this team. The Phillies are now 10 games below .500 and have lost 6 consecutive ball games. Stairs said that he does see these players out early taking extra BP and working on their game and it's tough to watch. Stairs says it's a lot of fundamental issues that's causing the losing. Stairs looked back at his time with the Phillies in 2008 and 2009 and compared it to this group.

Aaron Nola

LSU pitcher and Phillies first round draft pick Aaron Nola called in to talk about his experience being drafted last night by the Phillies seventh overall. Nola pitches in the SEC with LSU and referenced former SEC pitchers like Drew Pomeranz and David price as examples as players who were able to make it to the major league level in a short amount of time. Nola says that it's his quality command that he takes pride in and thinks it can get him to the major leagues. Nola was drafted out of high school by the Blue Jays, but he felt that he wasnt ready to make that step professionally. Aaron's brother, Austin, is a shortstop in the Marlins organization.

Joe Gatto

Sta. Augustine Prep pitcher Joe Gatto called in to talk about getting drafted by the Angels last night. Ironically, Mike Trout is also a CAL alum and was drafted by the Angels and we know how that turned out. Gatto said that Trout actually reached out to him and offered some advice and support to the Hermits pitcher. Gatto has been committed to UNC for a long time now, but things have now obviously changed with $1 million sitting in front of you. Gatto talks about his CAL days and what's next for the young pitcher.

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