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Phil Sheridan NFL Nation called in to talk some Eagles. Today, Sheridan spent some time talking about the injuries the Eagles are suffering with, the latest being to Todd Herremans and Nate Allen. Herremans is going to play, but it remains to be seen how the injured arm will impact his ability. Sheridan also talked about a game from last season against the Cowboys where the Eagles went for it on 4th and 1 and did not make it. Sheridan said that Chip Kelly told reporters after the game that "you have to be able to get a yard." His thought process has surely changed it, hasn't it? Follow the scribe on Twitter.

Bob Cooney

Talking Sixers here. The Sixers open up their season tonight in Indiana and it figures to be a long one this year. Cooney talked about the patience that this organization has with planning the future, but the coach Brett Brown's contract would expire by then. Basically, the team is putting a lot of years into this plan, but do they enough years to do it? Follow Cooney on Twitter.

Derek Bodner

Got a chance to catch up with our Sixers insider Derek Bodner to talk about the opener tonight against the Pacers.

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