Barrett Brooks

Super Bowl champion Barrett Brooks weighed in on the 'incomplete catch' from the game yesterday in Green Bay. Brooks said that Dez Bryant had possession of the ball and was indeed making a "football move" in reaching for the goal line to try and score a touchdown. Brooks also talked about Championship weekend and if Seattle is the team to beat.

Corey Seidman

CSN Philly contributor Corey Seidman talked with Mike Gill about the possibility of Cole Hamels being traded to the Cardinals. He called them a perfect match because they have the money and the young prospects, it's just a matter of whether or not they want to part ways with them. Seidman also thinks that Ryan Howard could finally be traded at the last minute until Spring Training next month. He also talks about the job Ruben Amaro has done trading his players this offseason and what the future holds for the prospects he received in return. Follow Seidman on Twitter.

Geoff Mosher

Chimed in on the Eagles GM search and whether or not he thought Bryant caught that ball. Mosher said that it was the correct call on the field after replay, but just on a rule that needs to be looked at again. Mosher also sees the Eagles naming this GM before the Senior Bowl begins in Mobile, AL. Will the GM know how to prepare for the draft and/or free agency? Mosher dissects the reported names here: