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Wednesday, July 30 2014

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Tim Kurkjian

ESPN MLB insider Tim Kurkjian called in to give us the very latest on the Phillies at the deadline. They have not made a single trade yet and with all the talk surrounding their players, Kurkjian thinks that it's due to the untradable contracts. He doesn't see Cole Hamels getting dealt, he does see Marlon Byrd and a few others traded, however. Kurkjian talked about the loyalty aspect with the Phillies and while it's something he admires, it's also the reason why they are where they are. Listen to the full interview to get a breakdown of all the Phillies trade pieces. Follow TK on Twitter.

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Scott Grayson

The Eagles were back at practice today after a day off yesterday and our Eagles insider Scott Grayson was on the scene. Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie spoke to reporters about the 2014 season coming up and said that he's "obsessed" with winning the Super Bowl and will continue to be hungry until that happens. Follow all training camp action from Grayson on Twitter.

5 Questions

1. Is Josh Gordon trying the "my dog ate my homework excuse?"

2. Is all this too soon with Ray Rice?

3. Is it good for an owner to be obsessed with winning a Super Bowl?

4. Where does the cornerback position rank on a team in terms of importance?

5. What do you have planned?

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