Cliff Lee trade

Report - Cliff Lee Could Retire Due to Elbow Injury
If you're a Philadelphia Phillies fan, you knew long ago that Cliff Lee's elbow gave out on him.
Now it seems it has given up on him for good.
According to his agent, Lee is calling it a career.
“We don’t anticipate him playing at this point," Derek Braunecker, …
Phillies Lose Cliff Lee After He Exits Game Last Night
UPDATE: The Phillies placed Cliff Lee on the 15-day disabled list upon completion of their game against the Nationals
Philadelphia Phillies left-hander Cliff Lee, who recently returned after missing two months with a left elbow strain, left in the third inning of Thursday night’s game…
Report: Phillies Will Not Be Trading Cliff Lee
With the Red Sox acquisition of Jake Peavy Tuesday night not many suitors remain for Phillies ace Cliff Lee.
In fact, the Phillies are the only suitor for Lee.
According to a Jim Bowden report, Lee will not be traded today.
It was a long shot to begin with as Ruben Amaro was asking for the moon and bey…
Chances Cole Hamels Gets on the Market Are Fading
Wall Street Journal with the best-available running coverage of the Aurora movie theatre shooting during the "Dark Knight Rises" midnight screening Friday morning.
Joel Sherman (New York Post) writes "the chances Cole Hamels gets on the market is fading," reiterating Jayson Stark'…