With the Phillies in full tail spin mode, it's hard to imagine general manager Ruben Amaro not listening on any player in their system.

That's including front line starter Cliff Lee.

Multiple reports surfaced today involving Lee trade rumors, a Jon Heyman piece citing sources that the Phillies are taking offers on Lee, but the price tag is said to be "enormous."

Shortly after this report, Red Sox reporter Sean McAdam reported that the Red Sox are in conversations with the Phillies on Lee, but have refused to part with top prospects Jackie Bradley, Jr and Xander Bogaerts.

Sean McAdam joined Mike Gill on 'The Sportsbash' Monday afternoon to dive into the Red Sox potential interest on Cliff Lee as well as 3B Michael Young who will most likely be traded, according to reports.

McAdam confirmed the Red Sox interest, but cautioned that a deal is unlikely due to the unreasonable demands coming from the Phillies asking for a boatload of top prospects in addition to absorption of Lee's contract.

McAdam was also asked about the comments coming from Johnathan Papelbon proclaiming needed changes from "top to bottom."

Papelbon referenced the Red Sox movement from a blockbuster trade with the Dodgers and the parting of ways with Terry Francona and Theo Epstein as proof that it can happen.

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