Wednesday 7.8.15 on The Sports Bash:

Ryan Lawrence of the Philadelphia Daily News called in from Los Angeles to talk about the latest news surrounding Chase Utley. Ruben Amaro told the media yesterday that he doesnt view Chase Utley as the 2B of this team with the emergence of César Hernández, calling him "the best 2B on the team." Lawrence could actually see a press conference after the season where Utley announces his retirement.

Bill Shaikin of the LA Times was on to talk about our old friend Jimmy Rollins. The Phillies are playing thew Dodgers out west this week and Rollins was able to reconnect with some of his former teammates. Rollins is in a bit of a platoon situation and has been struggling at the plate so to speak. Shaikin also speaks on a possible trade for Cole Hamels. We know that Joc Pederson wont be involved, but do the Dodgers have enough for a deal?