The Eagles have started the 2016 season 2-0 under Head Coach Doug Pederson and even though the level of competition has not been elite by NFL standards, winning breeds confidence in any sport at any level.

ESPN NFL Reporter Sal Paolantonio joined Mike Gill on Friday and discussed how the confidence has yielded a better environment under Pederson as compared to what was in the Eagles building in previous seasons:

“There is tremendous confidence within the building that has been lacking for the past two and a half years. The kind of confidence that is rare for an NFL team, where the coach believes in the players and the players believe in the couch. It is just something special. Yes it is their job and they are supposed to do their job, but if you can reach that next level, that emotional attachment player to coach, coach to player. When you have that you have the makings of a championship attitude within the franchise. Not championship caliber, but a championship attitude that says ‘We can do this we will be in every game and we will fight in every game for one another."

Checkout what Sal had to say about the Steelers defense, what Doug Pederson told him about the keys to the game on Sunday, along with Paolantonio's breakdown of the matchup