Eagles head coach Doug Pederson addressed the quarterback breakdown for Thursday nights preseason opener against Tampa Bay, announcing that rookie Carson Wentz is expected to play the "bulk" of the second half'.

"I'm going to try to get them all in the game," Pederson said today after practice. "

"Obviously, Sam will start with the ones. I got Chase [Daniel] going in there. Carson [Wentz] will take the bulk of the second half. Then when I get an opportunity, I want to see McLeod [Bethel-Thompson] get some time late in the game."

Pederson added that that while he didn't have an exact blueprint for how much playing time Bradford and the rest of the starters might get, he seemed to indicate it all depends on how well the first unit plays.

"I would go as far as saying, if it's like a three-and-out deal, I would probably keep the ones in there for a little bit longer," Pederson admitted. "It all just depends on how many plays they get. I don't have a set number of plays.

"If they go down and score, [then] maybe pull them out. It's your typical first preseason ballgame from that standpoint."