Under the supervision of the Phillie Phanatic, the Phillies Spring Training truck was loaded up with equipment. Destination: Clearwater, Florida!

Pitchers and catchers are scheduled to report to BayCare Ballpark on February 16th.
Even though it's been three months since the team's 2022 season ended, it was less time than Phillies’ manager of umpire and equipment services Dan O'Rourke is typically used to. O'Rourke told
KYW News Radiothe prep work for 2023 Spring Training actually began as soon as the Phillies came back from the Houston
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By the numbers, 2,400 baseballs, 2,000 shirts, and 1,200 bats, 300 batting gloves, and 140 helmets were packed into the equipment truck. But that's not all. The haul also includes “Lots of golf clubs, some baby stuff,” according to O'Rourke, as well as items to assist with strength-and-conditioning, mental skills, athletic training, front office supplies. "You basically just pick up here in Philadelphia and move it to Clearwater", he said.    


O'Rourke says each player and coach has his own assigned bin. He's also shipping jerseys, pants, bats, hoodies and helmets for the newly-signed shortstop Trea Turner.

Philadelphia Phillies/Twitter
Philadelphia Phillies/Twitter

So, he'll be geared up for the Phillies first official practice on February 20th! Looking forward to this season, how about you?

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