One Phillies tradition that has taken place each summer is the club's enshrinement of Phillies greats on their Wall of Fame.  Now too large for their former home in Ashburn Alley, the Wall of Fame has plaques with images of many Phillies greats.  The Phillies have put to fan vote the next round of players, coaches, and managers to consider for the honor.

The list released by the Phillies on Monday contains the following former Phillies:

  • Bobby Abreu
  • Steve Bedrosian
  • Rich Dubee
  • Jim Fregosi
  • Gene Garber
  • Doug Glanville
  • Bake McBride
  • Placido Polanco
  • Scott Rolen
  • Manny Trillo

The list is interesting in that the list does not contain a single 2008 Phillies player, despite many being eligible for induction.

The Phillies seem interested in closing out the Abreu-Rolen era before moving on to other options.   The requirements:

"Players, managers and coaches with four or more years of service are eligible. All candidates must be retired for three years before they can be eligible for the 12-man ballot. In addition to a player's statistical record, consideration is given to longevity, ability, contributions to the Phillies and baseball, character, plus special achievements."

Candidates from 2008 including the likes of Brad Lidge and Jamie Moyer would surely get votes if included on the ballots.  But perhaps the Phillies hope to spread those candidates out over future seasons when the 2014-2018 batch are not likely to yield many candidates.  Expect to see the likes of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Shane Victorino, Cole Hamels, Carlos Ruiz and Jayson Werth to get consideration in future years.

Pitching coach Rich Dubee is the only representative from the 2008 Phillies.

Last year's inductees were the late Roy Halladay and Pat Gillick, architect of the 2008 World Champion team.

Voting continues on until February 28 and the winner will be enshrined August 3, 2019.

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