Last Spring, the Phillies and starting pitcher Aaron Nola both expressed that they wanted to remain together for the long-term.  But Spring Training ended, and the Phillies and Nola moved onto the 2023 season without a deal done.  After reports that Nola was looking for as much as eight seasons and $200 million, the two sides agreed to a seven-year, $172 contract that will keep Nola in a Phillies uniform through 2023.

The news of the agreement was first reported by ESPN's Jeff Passan.  Earlier on Sunday, Bob Nightengale of USA Today reported the sides were close to a seven-year deal.

The deal overall ended up being a good one for the Phillies.  With the Atlanta Braves hot on Nola's trail, the Phillies risked not only being down a really good starting pitcher, but also seeing a division rival potentially enhance their rotation. Last week, there were some whispers Nola could take less money to stay in Philadelphia.

In the end, Nola took a hometown discount.

In Spring Training, we projected that Carlos Rodon's six-year, $162 million deal was probably a good benchmark for a Nola contract.  In the end, Nola got a seventh year (not eight as he was reportedly seeking) but it cost the Phillies just $10 more for that seventh year.

That will help negate some of the risk for his age-37 season.

At $24.57 million average per season, the Phillies will pay Nola just $6.57 million more per year that what the market demanded for Taijuan Walker last season.  It made sense to retain Nola at that rate.

So what's next for the Phillies?

were seriously pursuing Yoshinobu Yamamoto.

The Phillies rotation currently includes Nola, Zack Wheeler, Ranger Suárez, Taijuan Walker, and Cristopher Sanchez.  

However, the club has little depth beyond this, and they showed hesitancy to use Walker in the playoffs.

But what is certain in the Phillies rotation:  Aaron Nola will be back.

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