The Phillies got some disappointing news last night during their game in Atlanta.   Outfielder Roman Quinn, who has seemed to compile injury after injury, exited last night's game with another.   And with that, ends Quinn's 2016 season.

A strained oblique requires rest to heal, so Quinn will head to the offseason to give it some rest.

So, for the season Quinn got 57 at bats and walked eight times.  Quinn batted .263 with four doubles and six runs batted in.    Quinn got on base at a .373 clip, which is encouraging for the Phillies in the future.   However, the Phillies must question whether or not Quinn can stay healthy enough to be a starting player on the team, given Quinn's many injuries.

Quinn should be ready by Spring Training, and very well could make the team out of Spring Training.  But, the Phillies may be less inclined to trade outfielder Odubel Herrera or other outfielders in the system, given the uncertainty around Quinn.     The Phillies do know that Quinn has speed that is some of the best in the game, but he has to be healthy to use it.