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Will Roman Quinn ever play more than 60% or whatever of a season or should we try to trade him while he’s still controllable for an extended time and has some decent value and we have Adam Haseley?

Certainly the latest Roman Quinn injury is frustrating.  Throughout Quinn's career, the injured list has seemed to be a common place for him.  The injuries, most of the time, are something different each time.  However, I think Quinn is very much of value to the Phillies, more than he would be of value to someone else.

As we have seen a few times this season, Quinn can be a game-changer.  His speed and defense arguably has helped the Phillies with three games this season.  I think the Phillies should try to get every thing out of that that they can.  If the injuries diminish his value, I think that would be the case for any potential teams acquiring.

Right now Quinn is still affordable, and the good news is that Adam Haseley is also around and capable in center field.  When they are both on the roster, there are some real options.  When one is missing, of course, their depth is tested, leading to the Bryce Harper start in center field.

So I would suggest the Phillies hang onto both of them and try to do as much as they can to keep them fresh and healthy.   There is some risk, but I think trading Quinn would not net more value than keeping him and hoping for the best.

Can you paint the full picture on the Phillies outfield depth? Updates on when to expect Scott Kingery, Roman Quinn, Jay Bruce back, and what’s the depth plan until then?

The Phillies were dealt a big blow when both Quinn and Jay Bruce hit the injured list at the same time on Saturday.  Making matters worse, Scott Kingery was already on the injured list.  Kingery serves as option three in center field.

The good news is that the Phillies could get quick relief.

As for Quinn, the seven-day injured list was established so that a player undergoing concussion protocol could be back sooner than a full injured list stint.  We do not have an update yet how Quinn is responding.  If he responds well, the seven-day period might be enough.

Kingery was placed on the 10-day injured list as Bruce returned.  That seemed to give the Phillies the luxury of letting Bruce rest his sore quad.  Kingery is eligible to come off the injured list on Thursday.  He was swinging a bat, so hopefully he will be ready then.

Bruce's re-aggravation of his quad is an ongoing problem.  It's not currently clear at this time if it is more serious than the past.  It seems like something that will not go away, but will probably bother him the rest of the season.  With Andrew McCutchen getting designated hitter time, Bruce has played the outfield more than he probably should have.

The Phillies had only Kyle Garlick on the 40-man roster, so they have carried an extra pitcher with both out.  That will be helpful with Tuesday's double-header and in advance of Sunday's double-header.

Hopefully Kingery returns Thursday and the Phillies have a center field back-up to Haseley.

What is the playoff chances now that the Phillies split with the Mets?~

The Phillies are indeed within reach of the National League East.  At 20-17, the Phillies are two games behind the Atlanta Braves, and 1.5 games ahead of the Miami Marlins for second place.   While the Phillies certainly can catch up to the Braves if they falter some - and they just lost starter Max Fried - the Phillies can fend for second place, which they hold an keep a playoff spot.

To be clear -and this was not made clear at the time baseball added it - there are eight playoff teams in each league.  First and second place teams will earn a playoff spot in every division.  There are two wild cards beyond that.  But the best best for the Phillies is to take first place or second place.

Behind the Phillies are the 18-18 Marlins.   The Phillies and Marlins have a seven-game series (yes, SEVEN!) over the weekend.  That would be a good time for the Phillies to put some distance between themselves and the Marlins.

The Mets are four games under the .500 mark and the Nationals 10 games under the .500 mark.  They could crawl back with a hot stretch, but again, if the Phillies are taking care of their own business, they should be in good shape.


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