Last trade deadline, the Phillies were able to accomplish their trade deadline goals through a trade with one other team: the Texas Rangers.  Could the Phillies accomplish their goals in a one-stop shop again in 2022?  There are already reports that the Phillies are interested in Los Angeles Angels starter Noah Syndergaard.  Would the Angels also trade the Phillies a center fielder?

Okay, not that center fielder.

But Jim Salisbury of NBC Sports Philadelphia reports that the Phillies could be eyeing up not Mike Trout, but his backup in Brandon Marsh:

One player who might make sense for the Phillies is Brandon Marsh of the Los Angeles Angels.


The Phillies have been in contact with the Angels about starting pitcher Noah Syndergaard. It's likely they have discussed Marsh, as well, as the Angels are in full seller's mode.

Salisbury notes that Marsh has five years of team control remaining.

Acquiring Marsh could mean the Phillies would move on from Odubel Herrera, who is also a left-handed center fielder.  Marsh is batting .226 for the Angels this season.  The Phillies have reportedly been trying to add defense in center field, as Nick Castellanos and Kyle Schwarber take up residence in the outfield corners (and will continue to upon the return of Bryce Harper.

The trade deadline is 6:00 p.m. Tuesday.

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