When the news came down on Friday that the Diocese of Camden was closing five schools including Wildwood Catholic and St. Joe's high school, it rocked the South Jersey sports community.

Wildwood Catholic boys basketball coach Dave DeWeese told website Jersey Sports Zone:

 "We are all devastated regarding this very sad news. "We are all shocked and just trying to process it right now. The Wildwood Catholic Family is grieving."

The schools didn't take the news sitting down, they immediately tried to stand up and take action.

Wildwood Catholic set up a donation page via venmo and Paypal and drop off sites as posted below via this Save Wildwood Catholic twitter page.

Both schools have taken to social media to try and ask for help, as rumors have started up the that both schools could try to turn into private academy's if the diocese can't help them.

"This thing is far from over," longtime St. Joe's football coach Paul Sacco told Mike Frankel at Jersey Sports Zone. "I don't think the fat lady is going to get a chance to sing. I think in the end we're gonna be in a much, much better place at St. Joe than we were in the past year or two."

Both schools have been rumored to close in the past and have come up with the funding to save their schools, this time around, it might be more difficult to find that funding given the current economic landscape, but both schools will fight has hard as they can to keep their doors open.

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