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Here is today’s show: Tuesday July 17th, 2012.





Phillies have won 3 in a row

The Phillies were a team that won 104 games last season and were the favorites to win another National League Pennant.  A year later, the team wins two/three consecutive games and its considered a long winning streak.  Last night, the Phillies won their opening game vs. the Dodgers thanks to another solid outing by Joe Blanton.  Also in this segment, Mike Gill revisits his rant he had on John Mayberry, Jr who hasn't seen much action since then.  The Phillies are back in action with Roy Halladay returning to the mound vs. the Dodgers.


Are you ready to trade Shane Victorino

We took a few callers on the question of trading OF Shane Victorino before the trading deadline on July 31st.  Many of you believe its time for the Phillies to part ways with Victorino.  The difference of production between a Shane Victorino and Juan Pierre type player is not much, while the difference financially is far apart.  The price has started high for acquiring Shane Victorino as expected, but it will surely come down as July 31st approaches.  As one New York media outlet suggests, the Yankees need Shane Victorino.


Dream Team debate

Mike and Todd talk about the exhibition contest last night of Team USA vs. Team Brazil.  The team was down by 10 early, until pulling it out in the 4th quarter.  Mike and Todd both agreed with President Barack Obama last night when he said "the 1992 Dream Team would never be down to a team like this."  The guys don't understand some excuses for the 2012 Dream Team in saying that the competition nowadays is much better than in 1992.  Or is it?  The guys go over a few of the FIBA teams the USA will face in London next month.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Sportsbash Stock Exchange is a series of BUY or SELL questions hosted by producer Pete Giordano.  The Stock Exchange is brought you by Linwood Country Club.  Visit their website to learn more about one of South Jersey’s oldest and most-respected private golf clubs!

1. BUY OR SELL the venom directed towards Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino on our Twitter page?

2. BUY OR SELL the FIBA game?

3. BUY OR SELL Carmelo Anthony really wanting to see Jeremy Lin back?

4. BUY OR SELL the job Rod Thorn has done with the Sixers?


Rod Thorn talks Sixers off season

At 4:05 Philadelphia Sixers President Rod Thorn called in and talked about the moves his team has made this off season.  No blockbuster moves were made, but Thorn said he thinks they have addressed some of the needs (size, perimeter shooting) they realized they had last year.  On Kwame Brown: " What we need him for, we'll be just fine."  Thorn also said he'd be surprised if the Sixers weren't a playoff team.  Listen to Rod Thorn talk with Mike and Todd on "The Sportsbash:"

Thorn reaction

Mike and Todd react on the completed interview with Sixers President Rod Thorn.  Todd did not think his answer about the acquisition of Kwame Brown was sufficient enough, while Mike Gill still thinks there is a glimmer of hope for the Sixers and Dwight Howard.  Todd also thinks Thorn is worried about actually not making the playoffs.


Top Tweets

It’s a Monday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by The NEW Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City.  Visit their website and drive home in a luxury car tomorrow!


Football Fix

It’s 5:30 and time for the football fix.  Mike Gill and Ryan Messick debate all story-lines heading into training camp.  We will reveal a position per day leading up to training camp less than two weeks away.  Today we take a look at the Eagles defensive line.

5 Questions

1. What % chance will you see any of Tiger Woods opening round Thursday morning?

2. On a scale of 0-100, how excited are you that Kwame Brown passed his physical today?

3. Who would you rather have the Sixers sign? Royal Ivey or Blue Ivy?

4. If the Phillies get to .500 or a game under by July 31st, would you still sell?

5. WYFF4 Report in Greenville, SC?


Pete Giordano is the producer of “The Sportsbash,” e-mail him: 973espn@gmail.com

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