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Here is today’s show: Monday May 21st, 2012.



The % game

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck open up Monday's show with their thoughts on the Sixers Game 4 victory over the Celtics Friday night.  Todd Ranck is now up to a random 22%.  He thinks the Celtics are just disinterested, while Mike Gill thinks they are "old and mediocre."


Matt Gelb talks Papelbon

Philadelphia Inquirer beat writer, Matt Gelb, called in and talked about the weekend series vs. the Red Sox and his story on Johnathan Papelbon.  Among the things Gelb said about Papelbon was his idea of one day breaking famed Yankees closer Mariano Rivera's record of all-time saves.  The Nationals are also in town starting tonight and Gelb previewed that series on air.  Kyle Kendrick starts tonight for the Phillies.  Matt Gelb covers the Phillies for The Philadelphia Inquirer and philly.com.  Follow his blog.


LeBron James scores 40

Mike and Todd both then gave their thoughts on the performance of LeBron James over the weekend.  LeBron James scored 40 points and was 1 assist shy of another playoff triple-double, yet Mike Gill still wants to see him in the closing seconds of a game.   Gill then went over to the Western Conference and said he'd rather have Kevin Durant's game rather than what James gave you. The Thunder look to close out the L.A. Lakers tonight in  Game 5 tonight in Oklahoma City.


Paul Flannery talks Celtics

Paul Flannery, WEEI.com from Boston called in and previewed Game 5 tonight.  He believes that the Celtics are not disinterested, rather just not as good as they were four years.  Its more physical/mental against a good defensive team in the 76ers.  As for tonight, Flannery says Celtics have to get Kevin Garnett involved and be weary of the Sixers strategy because "Doug Collins has been a step ahead in this series."  Paul Flannery covers the Celtics for WEEI and WEEI.com in Boston.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY OR SELL any surprise injuries on the Flyers surgery list?

2. BUY OR SELL the future of Jeremy Lin in New York?

3. BUY OR SELL the Phillies not allowing a reporter watch Ryan Howard in Clearwater?

4. BUY OR SELL Pat Burrell's fondest memory of the Phillies World Series Parade?


Bob Cooney LIVE in Boston

Bob Cooney called in at 4:05 LIVE from Boston for another Game 5 preview.  Cooney said it's been a crazy series and said expect Lavoy Allen off the bench even earlier tonight than he's been in previous games.  Elton Brand is really struggling at shoot around whereas Allen is fully healthy and can get good defense against Kevin Garnett.  Cooney also said he wasn't sure if the Sixers are a team that's able to close out an intense series like this.  Bob Cooney covers the Sixers for the Philadelphia Daily News, follow him on Twitter.


Top Tweets

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Bob Carpenter talks Phillies/Nationals

Talked with Washington Nationals broadcaster Bob Carpenter on the 3 game series this week beginning tonight in Philadelphia.  He said right now the N.L. East still goes through the Phillies and it will until someone proves otherwise.  On Bryce Harper, Carpenter said it was almost impossible for him to meet the hype immediately as it was nation wide.  He has done and said everything for the team, plays hard and if he was on the Phillies fans would love him.

It's  Kyle Kendrick vs. Gio Gonzalez tonight, first pitch at 7:05.  Bob Carpenter is entering his 7th season with MASN and the Nationals and his 29th in Major League Baseball.


What to do with Jimmy Rollins?

Mike Gill went over the statistics thus far for Phillies SS Jimmy Rollins.  He says the Phillies got sucked in by their loyalty for Rollins and the Phillies should have looked to sign Rafael Furcal or Aramis Ramirez instead of giving Rollins a 3 year extension.  The bigger question is what to do with Fredy Galvis once Chase Utley comes back.  Plus, we check in with our Phillies beat reporter Ryan Petzar live from Citizens Bank Park.


Marc Jackson previews Game 5

Marc Jackson, Sixers analyst for CSN Philly called in at 5:30 to preview Game 5 tonight. Jackson was surprised at how well the Sixers have played this series and how well they play together as a team and coexist on the same court at the same time.  He said the Sixers are playing whatever style of play the opposing team wants to play, whether it be a fast/slow tempo.   Jackson said for the Sixers to win the series, Andre Iguodala has to fill the stat sheet and be aggressive on both ends.


5 Questions

1. Who are the real Phillies: a 5 runs per game team or a sputtering offense?

2. Would you want to be a football coach, given all the stress of the job?

3. Have you ever faked an illness to watch or recover from watching a sporting event?

4. What is sports do you need a patch for?

5. Whats your score tonight in Sixers vs. Celtics?


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