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Here is today’s show: Thursday June 28th, 2012.





76ers Draft #15 Overall Tonight, Who will they take?

Mike Gill and Todd Ranck kick today's show off with some in depth NBA draft talks, particularly centered around who the Philadelphia 76ers will select with the 15th pick in the draft. What are the Sixers aiming to address with the pick? A power forward? A pure scorer? Perry Jones, Terrance Jones and Kendall Marshall are among  players that the guys discuss as possible Sixers draft picks.

ESPN.com Baseball Writer Jerry Crasnick joins Mike Gill on the Sportsbash

Jerry Crasnick, MLB writer for ESPN.com talks with Mike about the Phillies 11-7 loss to the Pirates last night as Chase Utley returned to make his 2012 season debut at Citizens Bank Park. Crasnick talked about Chase Utley's performance and what he observed as he watched Utley play. Also discussed is the Phillies bullpen and it's well documented struggles along with what is to expect for the rest of this up and down season for the Phillies.

Pirates spoil Chase Utley's return, take advantage of Phillies "bullpen" game

Was it a mistake for Charlie Manuel to pitch the bullpen last night to start the game? Mike and Todd discuss their frustrations with the decision to throw the bullpen during a game where Chase Utley returned and the Phillies were looking to gain momentum.

Sixers Trade Options? What deal would you make if you were the Sixers GM?

Mike and Todd talk about the current 76ers roster as it stands now and discuss what they would give to the LA Lakers for Pau Gasol, who is being shopped, according to sources. Different trade scenarios are thrown out for discussion as the guys banter over what they would or would not give up for Gasol.

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

Ryan Messick guest hosts the daily segment with Pete G out of town, this stock exchange has got some heavy NBA Draft flavor!

BUY OR SELL- Michael Kidd-Gilchrist being drafted before Harrison Barnes in the NBA Draft tonight

BUY OR SELL- John Henson being drafted before Austin Rivers

BUY OR SELL- Fab Melo being drafted in the first 21 picks

BUY OR SELL- Tyler Zeller being drafted as a lottery pick

BUY OR SELL- 2.5 Kentucky Wildcats drafted as lottery picks

BUY OR SELL- 2.5 UNC Tarheels drafted as lottery picks

MLB Network's Joe Magrane joins Mike Gill on the Sportsbash

Former major league pitcher Joe Magrane weighed in on the Phillies pitchers and gave his thoughts on what he believes guys like Cole Hamels and Cliff Lee are thinking at this point in the season. Magrane also discussed whether he thinks that this Phillies team has it in them to make a run in the second half of the season or if they really just aren't a good enough ball club this year.

Top Tweets

It’s a Thursday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by The NEW Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City.Visit their website and drive home in a luxury car tomorrow! Included: Chase Utley omens, the NFL scheduling rearrangement, post draft purchases, NBA draft tweets, Phillies pitching decisions and more!

Football Fix

Mike and Eagles insider Ryan Messick give you your daily football fix and discuss the wide receiver position on the Eagles roster and answer questions like who is the number one receiver, Desean Jackson or Jeremy Maclin? What are the Eagles receivers strengths and weaknesses? Who wins the battle for the fourth spot, Riley Cooper, Marvin McNutt or somebody else? Who has the best receiving corps in the NFC East the Eagles (Jackson, Maclin, Avant) Giants (Nicks, Cruz, Hixon) or Cowboys (Austin, Bryant, Ogletree)?

5 Questions w/ Ryan Messick

1. Gut feeling: Will tonight be an exciting night in the NBA draft for the Sixers at pick #15?

2. "Aaargh" headline after Phillies loss to Pirates too cheesy?

3.  Is Sidney Crosby's new 12 year contract extension a bad risk for the Penguins?

4.  What do you think about Lemieux's comments about Crosby: "A great player, and an even better person and ambassador for our team."

5.  Are you a hand shaker or a fist bumper?



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