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Here is today’s show: Friday May 11th, 2012.




Clap your hands

The Sportsbash opens today with excitement and jubilation as the Sixers finally finished off the Chicago Bulls in Game 6 last night.  Talked all about Andre Iguodala and his two perfect, game-winning free throws he was able to hit with the game on the line.  Mike Gill and Todd Ranck were both in attendance last night and haven't seen an atmosphere like that in quite some time.

% chance for Round 2?

We again play the "% chance" game with the Sixers next opponent, the Boston Celtics.  Todd opens up the gates with just a 20 percent chance for the Sixers to upset the Celtics.  He feels that with home court and Rajan Rondo almost being more of a threat than Derrick Rose.  Mike Gill gives the Sixers a 35 percent chance to start off for the Sixers to win the series.  They have to try and steal one of the first two games in Boston to make it a series.

Wildwood Frank Vogel calls in

We stick with NBA playoffs in the 3:00 hour when Indiana Pacers Head Coach, Frank Vogel, calls our show!  He is a native of Wildwood and Wildwood Crest and has his team facing the big, bad Miami Heat in the second round of the playoffs.  Vogel said: "LeBron is by far the best player in the game and they are a juggernaut of an offense."

Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY OR SELL Ilya Bryzgalov comments he made to a Russian reporter regarding the Philadelphia fans?

2. BUY OR SELL the Phillies as actual "sellers" at the MLB trading deadline in July?

3. BUY OR SELL the Miami Heat P.A. announcer with his "extinguished" announcement?

4. BUY OR SELL Michelle Beadle leaving ESPN for NBC?

Celtics perspective

Paul Flannery, WEEI.com in Boston called in and gave us an inside look on the Boston Celtics and what he expects in this upcoming series.  He sees both Evan Turner and Thaddeus Young as a potential match up problem for the C's.  He also called Kevin Garnett's Game 6 against the Atlanta Hawks, "one of the best in his Celtics career."  Flannery said Celtics dont have a lot of size and thinks the front court of both teams will be interesting.  Paul Flannery covers the Boston Celtics for WEEI.com.  Follow him on Twitter.


Top Tweets

Ending your week on a positive note with a Friday edition of Top Tweets brought to you by Mercedes-Benz of Atlantic City.  Visit their website. What was the atmosphere like in the Wells Fargo Center last night? What Eagles rookie has the best chance in Special Teams?  It's all in Top Tweets!


Gregg Murphy calls in from CBP

An optimistic Gregg Murphy called in at 5:30 and thinks the Phillies could go on a little bit of a run this month.  He did however agree with Mike Gill in that you cannot lose a series to any team when Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee start games for you.  Murph also didn't put much stock into a report mentioning the Toronto Blue Jays calling about Shane Victorino and Cole Hamels.  Gregg Murphy is a member of the Phillies broadcast tea, for CSN Philadelphia.


5 Questions

1. Do you think the Phillies should be "sellers" in July?

2. What do you want to eat?

3. Whats your take of the team forfeiting a game because their opponent has a female on their roster?

4. How many of pairs of shoes do you own?

5. What's your favorite muscle car of all time?



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