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Here is today’s show: Tuesday May 16th, 2012.




Sixers take Game 2

Mike Gill opens up the show today saying "we have a series!" However, he still sets the percentages at 55/45 in favor of the Boston Celtics.  Todd Ranck has only moved the Sixers percentages up to 25 percent.  They both talked about the controversial offensive foul called on Celtics Kevin Garnett last night.  Todd thinks the players should decide the games and Mike Gill thinks that if its a foul in the first half, its a foul in the 4th quarter.


Artest vs. Harden II

Arguments ensue about last night Lakers vs. Thunder Game 1 where a foul was called on Ron Artest after he got tangled up with Thunder G James Harden.  Now Mike and Todd just dont see eye-to-eye on anything involving Metta World Peace so it always makes for great debate!


Tom Moore talks Game 2

Sixers beat writer, Tom Moore, called in and gave his thoughts on Game 2.  He likes the Sixers chances right now because he knows the rest of the games this series will be close.  He also gave a stat on Lavoy Allen compared to Paul Pierce which you could have never predicted. Lavoy Allen played 30 minutes last night and now expects him to play that amount for the rest of the series.  Tom Moore covers the Sixers for Calkins Media and phillyburbs.com. Follow him on Twitter.


Sportsbash Stock Exchange

1. BUY OR SELL VCU to the Atlantic-10?

2. BUY OR SELL the Kevin Garnett illegal screen call last night?

3. BUY OR SELL any jail time for Roger Clemens?

4. BUY OR SELL the EPL tie breaker for their championship?


Chris Forsberg talks Sixers vs. Celtics

Chris Forsberg of ESPN Boston called in and talked about the series.  Right away he said Boston was off their game last night doing things they dont typically do.  He said a lot of people in Boston now realize this could be a series.  Forsberg said the Celtics have "another level," but only when Rajon Rondo plays like Rajon Rondo.  They are too hard to predict sometimes.  Chris Forsberg covers the Celtics for ESPN Boston and ESPNBoston.com. You can follow Chris Forsberg on Twitter.


Phillies Update

Our Phillies beat reporter Ryan Petzar called in from CBP and gave us an update on the Phillies 4-3 walk-off win today over the Astros.  Joe Savery has been recalled to the team and he also speculated on a possible injury to RP Chad Qualls.  Phillies look to continue their winning streak tomorrow night at Chicago vs. the Cubs.  Follow our Phillies beat reporter Ryan Petzar on Twitter.


Top Tweets

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Phillies notes

Another check-up on the Phillies today.  Mike Gill first wonders as to why Johnathan Papelbon came into the game last night in a non-save situation.  Mike wants the bullpen decision making stripped from Charlie Manuel if this keeps up.  Vance Worley will miss his start tomorrow in Chicago due to elbow soreness, Kyle Kendrick starts in his place.  Ryan Petzar calls in from CBP for one last time, Jake Diekman looked really good with 4 K in 1.1 IP.


5 Questions hosted by Pete G

1. Who is the best/worst player turned broadcaster at the national level?

2. Which Heat team has best chance of winning it all?

3. Who has a better chance of winning their series: Sixers/Lakers?

4. What length have you gone to in order to make it to a sporting event on time?

5. Whats your favorite food involving Chocolate Chips?


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