The cyclone known as Joaquin is poised to hit Bahamas this week and is scheduled to impact the United States this weekend.

Some baseball games could be in peril if the storm reaches the shoreline, but some NFL games could also be impacted on Sunday.

According to The Washington Post, the NFL has been in discussions with representatives for the Washington Redskins and Philadelphia Eagles about a contingency plan for Sunday's game in case Joaquin does hit the D.C. area this weekend.

NFL's senior vice president of communications, Greg Aiello told The Post that the league is "monitoring the forecast and having dialogue with both teams" on contingency scenarios.

Aiello did not go into detail about what contingency plans have been discussed.

With it still being four days out, forecast models vary on how much, if at all, the storm will affect the D.C. area.

However, most models agree that 5-7 inches of rain is expected for that area through the weekend.

The Redskins are scheduled to host the Eagles at FedEx Field on Sunday at 1 p.m.