On Monday Eagles chairman and CEO Jeffery Lutie indicated that he was looking for an offensive-mind when looking for the teams next head coach.

"I think you all know me – I put a heavy emphasis on wanting to have an elite offense, and I feel like defense has variables, variations throughout the year," explained Lurie on Monday.  But if you want to be a dominant team, you need to be a top offensive unit."

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However, Lurie did not rule out a defensive-minded head coach, and has put in requests already to interview 49ers defensive coordinator Robert Saleh and Tampa Bay's Todd Bowles.

"You can hire somebody really steeped in offense or you've seen great offenses coached by head coaches coming from the defensive side," Lurie stated.  I don't think there's any predilection for one over the other, but I do think somebody that is constantly curious of where the league is headed and what you need to do to have really good units and again, without a really good elite offense, I tend to err on that side. But not that side of the ball for head coach. Doesn't matter."

Now he is going outside-the-box, and will interview New England Patriots inside linebacker coach Jerod Mayo.  Mayo, 34, is considered an up-and-coming coaching star and a great leader of men.


"I can tell you no matter who we have, it needs to be a leader of coaches, a leader of players and someone who represents the organization in a great leadership way," Lurie said.  We had a lot of that with Doug. Leadership is an important characteristic."

The team is interested is some offensive coaches, which so far include: Titans offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, Eagles assistant head coach Duce Staley and Oklahoma head coach Lincoln Riley as other names that team has shown interest in.

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