The Sixers are trading fan-favorite guard Patrick Beverley to the Milwaukee Bucks for Cam Payne and a 2027 second-round pick, according to multiple reports.

Beverley's podcast account on X was first to break the news.

When Beverley wasn't delivering great quotes when mic'd up during games or at the podium in postgame press conferences, he was doing all of the things that have forged his reputation and then some.

Beverley not only disrupted offenses with his pressure and toughness on defense, but he showcased some offensive skills that few knew he had to his game. There were a number of games, especially lately, in which Beverley supplied short spurts of offense by himself. Although his jumper was hot and cold, his craft at the rim and ability to find ways to the basket despite a lack of athletic pop was impressive. His touch on floaters saved a number of Philadelphia's possessions from dying on the spot.

While Payne figures to be in the rotation for the time being, the logic seems to be that Philadelphia expects to sign Kyle Lowry on the buyout market. So, if Beverley's role on the court is going to be reduced or taken away entirely, you might as well get a second-round pick out of it.

Beverley was really good for the team, especially on a minimum deal. But, I think an honest assessment is that Lowry does roughly the same things Beverley does.

You're roughly the same team when all is said and done, and now you have an extra second-round pick to use elsewhere.

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