Earlier this week ESPN's Dan Orlovsky said on the Pat McAfee radio show that a lot of people think Carson Wentz feels betrayed by the Eagles.

Today, ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Wentz is unhappy, and has no interest of being a backup quarterback in Philadelphia.

Carson Wentz is not interested in being a backup quarterback and would want to move on from the Eagles if the current situation -- with Jalen Hurts starting under center -- continues in Philadelphia, sources connected to the team told ESPN.

The story is well documented,  Wentz hasn't played well and was replaced by rookie second-round pick Jalen Hurts in the game against the Green Bay Packers and has not returned to the starting lineup.

Now he might want out.

"He doesn't sound particularly pleased with being a backup now or for the long-term," Schefter told Sportscenter on Sunday morning.

There is still some of this story that needs to play out.  There are three more games left in this season, and Hurts could fall on his face, making a return to Wentz a higher possibility or he could play really well and give the Eagles something to think about this offseason about Wentz's future. What if Hurts is just average, what happens in that scenario?

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A lot could change between now and the start of the 2021 season.

"This is a fluid situation, that bears watching," Schefter added.


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